2010 NHL Winter Classic - Live Blog
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by: Joe DeLuca| 1/1/2010|Hockey Blog

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Jason gives us a firsthand perspective from the hockey festivities going down at Fenway park.

11:02 AM - (a)Live in Boston

I'm still at the hotel.  Tough to get moving this morning after a rowdy New Years Eve with a slew of obnoxious Flyers fans.  I say obnoxious because "Let's go Flyers" chants broke out spontaneously all night, despite being in the heart of Boston.  Even our hotel at midnight was beseiged with drunk Flyers revelers.  I wonder if it was normal to have 8 security guards at the elevator.  As we finally prepare to leave for Fenway, now might be a good time to say Happy New Year to all our Sports Hacks/Hockeyoutsiders readers!  This also might be a good time to point out that the Canadians came back to win a shootout against the choking Americans in the World Juniors last night....again and we didn't even have John Tavares!

11:26 AM - Taking the Orange Line?

I've never seen a subway tunnel with so much orange that wasn't under construction.

11:54 AM - Our Arrival

We've arrived.  There must be 2:1 Flyers jersey's here.  I wonder how many Bruins fans are going to get beat up.  There are lines deep to see some crappy ass cover band, to buy beer and shop in a store with way overpriced crap.  We still haven't figured out how to get into the park.

12:16 AM - Inside Fenway

We're in a traffic jam of people.  Who the hell came up with this idea of having a hockey game in a baseball stadium.

12:31 PM - The Entrance

It's like a Pearl Jam concert in the stadium concourse.

12:41 PM - Still Drunk from Last Night?

We're drinking beer and it's cold.  Take your pick what I'm talking about.

12:56 PM - Musical Chairs

Apparently no one, even Boston fans can find their seats.  We had good seats, now they suck when we found the right ones.  Finding an usher was akin to finding the abonimable snowman.

12:59 PM- No Love

We're in the middle of Bruins fans, they hate us already.

1:12 PM - Just Gettin' Stawted

Of course we sit next to the most annoying broons fans.  I need another bbeerr

1:21 PM - Cam

Cam Neely is awesome, even if he did play for the Bruins.  Here comes Lord Gary to steal the spotlight. Wouldn't it be awesome if Neely cold-cocked him!  Course he's such a pussy, I'm sure he's up in a heated suite.

1:27 PM - Nuts

Are you f'ing kidding me, when is this game starting?  Some of us are cold!  Some guy in the DropKick Murphys is in a kilt, awesome, his nuts must be freezing.

1:31 PM- One More Time?

Clarke and Orr should drop the gloves for old times sake.  Of course the stadium erupts in chants of Bobby.  Which one?  Who cares?

1:42 PM- Anybody watching the game?

The first "Yankees suck" chants start, Philly fans start a "Crosby sucks" chant.

1:59 PM - Good Call

Ok, time to have our first winter classic fight, the fans are restless and quiet.

2:05 PM - Cheesesteaks?

Exchange after the fight between me and a Boston fan.  "You're cheesesteaks suck.". "Yeah, well it wasn't my boy laying on the ice."

2:08 PM - Blame it on a Philly fan

They just showed Santa Claus.  He got beaned by a snow ball.

2:19 PM - At least there was a fight

Thanks to the Flyers and Bruins for giving us the most boring period ever in Winter Classic history.

2:30 PM - Intermission

Count on the dude competing in the contest to be wearing a Crosby jersey.

2:40 PM - Fail

Bigger fail, Crosby, Malkin or Luke Schenn jersey?

2:47 PM - WTF?

Timmy Thomas lost his head and Danny Syvret scores, WTF is going on, it's bizaaro world.

3:00 PM - FoxTrax

My seats are so bad I'm actually wishing for Fox Sports and their glowing puck.

3:05 PM - Not a Harvard Graduate

Count on some moron to have a CBC sign when the games on NBC

3:20 PM - Temps falling

Its really fucking cold now.

3:28 PM - Invisa-sign

We got the cameraman laughing, but it wasn't enough to get our "Pronger Dental Clinic, Now accepting new patients" sign on TV.

3:54 PM - A Gay Fenway Tradition

Are you kidding?  Sweet Caroline with 7 minutes left!

3:57 PM - Amusing Ourselves

The beach ball is out!  Does that mean the game is over?

4:08 PM - Late Xmas Gift

The Bruins can thank the NHL for that point!

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